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J.R. Hampton J.R. Hampton

J.R. Hampton

J.R. Hampton

It was an odd coincidence that led former Harvard research biochemist and Silicon Valley high-tech executive, J.R. Hampton, to write thrillers. She found herself working side-by-side with a murderer.

Not once, but twice.

No inner voice warned that something was off with these particular people. There was only the routine of the job until the day they didn't show up. Followed by the bewilderment of official notification. And finally, shock as their crimes were revealed.

Working with one murderer is a bizarre coincidence. Working with two ignited her lifelong fascination with criminal psychology, forensics and data intelligence, and of course, found its way into her writing. Her novels contain smart, eclectic characters in surprising situations—and always with a twist in the end.

In addition to her completed manuscript, The Snapback, J.R. Hampton was a contributing author for Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders (Hunter House 2002) and ghostwrote Back from the Brink Too (Messenger Publishing 2008), which won the 2009 SANE Australia Book of the Year award. She was selected and attended the 2017 Community of Writers at Squaw Valley Workshop in Fiction.